Here is a list of Voiceful technologies' related scientific publications by Voctro Labs cofounders during more than a decade of academic research activities at the MTG-Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The list includes the more relevant publications for each core technology available in Voiceful.

Voice generation

Expressive voice generation based on different techniques including Deep Learning and Sample based synthesis, this technology can generate artificial singing voice with high realism. It can learn a model from existing recordings and generate new speech or singing content.

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Voice Transformation

Voice manipulation technology that allows changing the characteristics of speech or singing altering the timbre, intonation and other expression characteristics to transform gender, age or personality of the speaker or singer.

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Voice Description

Voice analysis technology that extracts acoustic and musical information from a voice recording to be later used for visualization, classification, monitoring or singing rating.

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Time-scaling and Pitch-shifting

Beyond voice signals, a high-quality time-scaling and pitch-shifting technology to process any audio content like music, field recordings, dialogues, etc.

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